Geeky Gift Guide, £25 to £50.

1. Mission Red Planet Game £38.99

Board games are always a great present in my book, and this one is one of my favourites. It’s a quick, light hearted game, that is easy to play with great steampunk art work.

2. Funko Pop Advent Calendar From £29.99

We’ve all established now that Funko Pops are awesome, but did you know that they do Advent Calendars. They several different ones, including Harry Potter, Marvel and The Office. These are perfect for anyone who loves Funko Pops.

3. Bat Signal Lamp £49.00

Know someone who would love their own Bat Signal, then I have the perfect gift for them. I’ll be honest who wouldn’t want a their very own personal Bat Signal, it’s such an iconic symbol that would look amazing on anyone’s bedside table.

How cute is this Waffle Maker.

4. Starfleet Academy Hoody £41.99

Who doesn’t love a good hoody, I’m always on the look out for a new one and this one looks super cozy and comfortable. Plus who didn’t pretend they went to Starfleet Academy as a kid, this would be such an awesome gift for any trekkie.

5. Mantis Streaming Mic £29.99

A decent mic has become absolutely necessary in the last few years. The Mantis Streaming Mic is a great one. Easy to use and super affordable, what’s not to love.

6. Mickey Waffle Maker £30

I found this in Primark today, such an awesome gift for any disney lover, especially one who has missing the Parks. This is a great way to recreate a bit of the magic at home.

7. Asda Bedding (King Size) £25.

So, remember when you were a kid and the worst present you could get was socks, and then when you became an adult they’re suddenly the best gift ever. Well, bedding falls into the same category for me and Asda has an amazing selection, including ones from Disney, Star Wars and Harry Potter. There is seriously nothing better than brand new fresh bedding to fall into when you head to bed.

Jo x

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