Geeky Gift Guide Under £25

1. Creepmas at the Crypt Wax Melts and Candles from The Cosy Crypt

If you know someone like me who is obsessed with candles and wax melts, then I have the perfect thing for them. The Cosy Crypt has the most amazing range, and I’m especially loving their limited edition Christmas range, Creepmas at the Crypt, which has some gorgeous scents including gingerbread and candy cane inspired.

All the products are vegan and really affordable, nothing on the website is over £25 and who doesn’t love to support a small business.

2. Snoods from Altern8ego

I love a snood, especially since having kids. I find that scarfs often either pulled off by mischievous children or used as a makeshift blanket for cold ones, but a snood stays on and is warm and comfortable.

Altern8ego like The Cosy Crypt is a small business that makes kids and adults clothing and accessories, and they have the cutest range of snoods, all lined for extra cosiness. An added bonus is you can get matching ones with your own little one.

How cute are these candles and wax melts.

3. Pop Freak Game £21.99

I love a good pop culture reference and this game looks like so much fun. If you know someone who is always spouting off various pop culture references and loves board games, then this is a present you might want to consider.

4. Disney Mugs From £3

Asda has been hitting it the disney merch out of the ballpark lately and if you someone like me, who loves a good mug, then you should definitely have a look. They’ve got both Christmas ones, printed ones and character mugs. Seriously something for everyone who loves Disney and a cuppa.

5. Harry Potter Beanies £9.99

These are the perfect stocking filler for anyone who is Harry Potter mad. They’ve got one for every Hogwarts house and are perfect for staying cosy this Winter.

6. Funko Pop Marvel Gingerbread Vinyls £11

Every year Funko Pop bring out a limited edition set for the Holidays and this year its Gingerbread, I’ll be honest I want all of them. These are great if you anyone who loves collecting Funko Pops or Marvel.

7. Fidget Cube £7.99

Anyone else love a fidget Cube, or is just me?

Seriously though, if you know someone who can’t stay still, then this might be the perfect gift. They’re small enough to fit in someone’s pocket and can come in a variety of colours. The perfect little stocking filler.

8. The Ultimate Discworld Companion £16.99

If you know someone who loves Terry Pratchett, then this is a great gift for them. It’s sorta like an encyclopedia all about the beloved discworld series, with some amazing artwork. I personally love books like this, they always give more insight and facts about a fandom that most might not know.

Jo xx

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