Planning for The Holidays When You’re Child Has Additional Needs. . .

Can be hard and frustrating, there’s no point in me sugar coating it. I find there’s a number of activities that I would love to take the kids too, but don’t because either they’ll be too overwhelming or Frey just won’t be interested and it will feel like a wasted trip. I also feel bad because I feel like Sigi is also missing out on things that she might really enjoy. I just feel really guilty, but the truth is it’s no one’s fault, it’s a case of adjusting my expectations to reality.

Our favourite tradition, Chester Zoo Lanterns

The first few years I tried doing various fun things like going to meet Santa or fun arts and crafts/baking ideas that I saw and thought how lovely would that be as a childhood memory. Turns out Frey really doesn’t care, he’s doesn’t understand what’s going on, so he doesn’t get excited for it the way other children do.

While this does sometimes feel disheartening, especially last year. I found I really struggled to find my usual joy during this time of year and with Frey being uninterested, the year was more than a bit of a flop.

However, it’s a new year and I’m focused and ready to make new memories with my family. We’ve already got plans to go to the Chester Zoo Lantern Parade that we go to every year. Also planning to go to a fireworks display, Frey loves fireworks, so long as he’s a fair distance away so they’re not too loud. We’re still currently figuring out our exact Halloween plans, but I know will have fun either way, and that’s all that matters.

Jo xx

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