Today You’re 4

4 years ago today you came into the world, although it feels like you were just a little new born boy only a few days ago.

Every year I attempt to write this without crying and every year I fail. You’ve grown so much this year, going from a toddler to a little boy. Too say it’s been easy would be a lie, but it’s been so worth it. Your additional needs can make things hard, but the way you overcome and figure ways around them, makes me so proud.

You’ve started nursery and are loving it. Although it does break my heart a little when I drop you off, and you run off without a backwards glance. But that’s just one of things that happens as you get older and bigger. I love the fact you love school and that you’re enjoying it so much.

You’re so big.

Being curious about everything is something else I love about you. Constantly watching and just taking it all in. I swear I can see the wheels in your head turn as you figure out how it all works. Although I don’t appreciate this talent when it comes to keeping you out of the snack box.

I also adore your relationship with Sigi, you’ve become proper siblings this last year. Loving each other one moment and loathing each other the next. Watching you two play and interact just makes my heart swell with pride and love.

So, Happy birthday my beautiful little boy. I hope just like last year, you have an amazing year full of love, laughter and hugs.

Your Mum xx

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