Happy 2nd Birthday, Sigi

How are you 2 today? It only feels like a week ago we were bringing you home from hospital, but here we are celebrating your second birthday.

She loves her big brother so much

This last year has been tough, but then again, you’re tough too. And stubborn, and determined and so single minded when you want something it scares me. You’re also fearless, loving and have a smile and a giggle that light up the entire room.

That personality of yours that was starting to peek through when you turned one, has now become fully fledged. You’re a cheeky little chatterbox, who loves Disney, her big brother, and playing. You’re so curious about the world, and love going to new to new places and meeting new people, with a smile ready for anyone and everyone.

Isn’t she amazing.

I can’t wait for this coming year, you’ll be heading to playgroup in September, and making new friends for the first time. Makes me want to happy cry. I’m looking forward to watching you grow and learn, especially after the last year or so.

To sum everything up, I guess what I’m writing to say is. Happy birthday my beautiful wonderful little girl. I’m so glad I get to be your mum.

JoJo xx

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