3 Things I’m Thankful For This May

1. Our Garden

I mentioned in my last 3 Things post that we’ve sorted out our garden, and we’ve definitely taken advantage of it. The weather has been pretty good for most of the month and the kids have been outside running about We’ve even bought a trampoline for the kids and they are loving it.

Loving the new trampoline

2. Sigi is in her own Room.

Yep, Sigi is now in her own room, and it’s been brilliant (although my husband would argue otherwise). It took a week or so for Sigi to adjust to not being in our bedroom but since then she’s been fine and it’s been really good for her to have a part of our house that is just hers.

It also means that we finally have our bedroom back to ourselves after 3 and a half years of sharing it with the kids. Which has been heavenly.

3. Creating My Own Space.

As sort of a follow on to Sigi going into her own room. We’ve gotten rid of the cot that both kids used and it’s freed up a ton of space in our bedroom. Which has allowed me to create a corner for me to take photos in. It’s the one thing I’ve struggled with, is finding a place in the house to take decent outfit photos and now I have one and I couldn’t be more excited.

Jo xx

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