30 Things I Wished I Could Tell My Younger Self.

1. You’re tougher than you think.

2. It’s ok to ask for help, yes, really it is.

3. You’re a geek, embrace it

4. It’s ok to like feminine things.

5. You can wear other colours than black, grey and the occasional dark red, blues and greens. No one will judge you.

6. You’re going to meet someone who loves you for you. . .

7. . . And you’re going to become a mum to two gorgeous little hellions.

8. Motherhood is alot harder than it looks.

9. But oh so worth it.

10. You’re sadly going to lose touch with friends.

11. But you’re also going to make life long friendships along the way.

12. As well as reconnect with family.

13. It’s ok not to know what you want to do. Just because you don’t have your entire life figured out yet, does not make you a failure.

14. You’re going to get married, to that guy who loves you for you, and your really going to like being married.

15. Having issues with your mental health, is ok.

16. Going to therapy for those issues is also ok.

Living my best colourful life

17. Turns out you can actually drive (although your husband would argue otherwise).

18. You don’t have to please everyone. Saying no is allowed.

19. That crazy, frizzy mess you call hair, that you currently hate, is actually curly. You will eventually learn how to look after it properly, and start to love it.

20. You learn how to stand up for yourself.

21. Getting your nose pierced bloody hurts.

22. Something not going to plan is not the end of the world.

23. Having boobs and a bum does not make you fat.

24. Also you do not have a huge belly. (I know you don’t believe me, but trust me when I say this is true.)

25. 30 is not old.

26. Enjoy getting id, it will happen less and less.

27.You will regret that short haircut, but that’s ok. (You just burn all photographic evidence of it).

28. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else, you are enough.

29. Life hasn’t gone the way you are planning it to go, but you are exactly where you are meant to be.

30. Lastly, waking up happy is going to become quite a common occurrence and that is pretty awesome.

Jo xx

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