3 Things I’m Grateful For This March

1. Starting to Sort Out Sigi’s Room

Currently Sigi is still in our room with us, but over the last few days we’ve started clearing out and decorating her bedroom. It’s our old spare room and had all our books in it, so we’ve moved some stuff about and we now have a new bookcase. We’ve got a plan for decorating and I’m looking forward to seeing Sigi’s reaction to her room, as well as getting our bedroom back to ourselves.

2. Frey’s School

When your child has additional needs it can feel like you’re constantly having to argue for your child, and it can be draining on both of you. Thankfully though Frey’s school have been amazing and so supportive, keeping us updated on how he’s been in school and having meetings to put plans into place to help Frey’s progression.

3. Finding New Creative Outlet’s.

With Frey being back at school and Sigi having the habit of often napping when he’s at school, it’s allowed me the chance to spend a bit of time doing more creative things. I’ve started doing reels on Instagram, which I’ve really enjoyed creating. Also (as seen from my last post) I’ve started Disneybounding and it is so much fun.

Jo xx

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