Frey’s 3 and 1/2 Year Update.

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I last did an update on Frey. I would love to say time flies, but honestly, this last year has been unending to us, and I’m sure that many people feel the same way.

In my last post I wrote about Frey, I explained that he was non-verbal, well a year on and Frey is still is. Not that that stops him getting his point across, he is great at communicating with us non-verbally. His non-verbal communication has improved over the last year with the help of his speech and language therapist, giving us the tools we need to communicate with Frey. He is also very independent, if there is a way for him to get what he wants without having to ask anyone, he’ll do it.

My happy little boy.

His tantruming has gone down, although don’t get me wrong, he’s 3, so he still tantrums on occasion. His concentration has also improved, he will now happily sit on the sofa with one of his books for a good while. Whereas a year ago, he would sit for maybe a minute or two, and then be off looking for something new to do.

While Covid and Lockdown meant Frey couldn’t attend school for a while, he’s now back in and attends four days a week. His school has been amazing with him, he has a support worker, who gives him one-to-one focus. Being around other children is really good for him, it gives him that social interaction that he needs, and I’ve found he learns best from watching others.

Another big difference in Frey is his relationship with his little sister. He’s gone from ignoring her, to tolerating her existing (I am joking, sort of). They play along side each other and sometimes even together. It’s nice to watch them build their relationship, she loves to give him kisses and he’ll (on occasion) give her a hug. They just make my heart swell.

Frey has made alot of progress over the last year, I can’t say for certain that he would of made more without the pandemic, but I do know for certain that we’re raising a happy little curious lad, and I couldn’t be more grateful for him.

Jo x

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