3 Things I’m Thankful For This February

1. Frey is Going Back to School

Ok, officially Frey starts back at school on Tuesday, but we got the news this week, so I’m counting it. It’s just the news I needed, I’ve not been able to give him the focus that he needs while I have both kids to contend with, and I feel terrible about it. It also gives him the chance to socialise and gives me one-to-one time with Sigi and a chance to catch up with housework before the kids go to bed. It’s just a win all round.

2. Sunny Days

We’ve had a few sunny days on this part of the world lately and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s meant that I’ve been able to take the kids on more walks (it’s easier to take them out when I don’t have to wrap them up in 25 different layers), which has definitely improved both mine and the kids moods.

Love the Sun, especially when it’s not too hot.

3. I Dyed my Hair Again.

I mention my hair alot on this blog, don’t I? Either way, I decided earlier this month to dye my hair black, I haven’t had my hair this colour since I was a teen and I forgot how much I liked it. It’s also improved the condition of my hair, which had been feeling very straw like for the last month or so (even with the multiple deep conditioning treatments I’ve done on it). The only problem now is that it’s hard to photograph my curls, but that’s just something I’m going to have to work on.

Jo xx

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