Products I Can’t Live Without: Curly Hair

1. Satin/Silk Pillowcase

I bought mine a few months after I started my curly hair journey. At the time I didn’t think it would make much of a difference, but, boy, I was wrong. I found that the pillowcase has helped reduce my frizz and keeping my curls intact in between wash days. Especially, as I’m yet to find a refresh routine that works for me.

2. Headscarves/bands

I’ve developed a love of headscarves and headbands over the last year. When I cut hair short I could no longer tie it up and it kept getting on my eyes. I started using scarves and bands instead of scrunchies, and I’ve found that I prefer them to tying my hair up.

3. Hair Dryer with a Diffuser.

Before I started my curly hair journey I never used hairdryers, my hair was heavily bleached and even the hint of heat turned my hair into a frizzy mess with a ton of split ends.

However, it takes up to four hours for my hair to dry and I found that with product in, my roots had no volume and it wasn’t a good look. So I decided to bite the bullet and get a hairdryer with a diffuser. I won’t lie, it’s been life-changing. It does take me up to 45 minutes to dry all my hair, but I’ve found that my hair looks a lot better diffuser than if it’s air dried.

Mental note to self, dying your hair black, will make photographing your hair hard.

4. Muslin Cloths

Yes, the same muslins that you use for babies. One thing of the first things I learnt about curly hair, is too use either a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt to dry/plop your hair . Now, like so many parents I have a ton of muslins around the house that aren’t being used anymore, as my kids are now bigger. Muslin cloths tend to be 100% cotton, and the perfect size for plopping hair, it is a great hack for any other curly haired parents out there.

5. A Good De-Tangling Brush

I only brush my hair when it’s wet. Brushing it dry, makes me look like a mad scientist after their experiment blows up in their face, and like many curly haired people, my hair knots like no one’s business. So I need a good brush, I currently use a Wet Styler Tangle Teezer.

I originally got it for the kids, but the comb I was using was leaving my hair still tangled and my scalp sore. I decided to give the Tangle Teezer a go and I’m glad I did, it get rid of my tangles and knots, while not hurting my scalp, which I think has improve my curls.

My fellow curlies, what is the product that is a must in your routine?

Jo xx

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