My 100th Post.

Ok, so my last post was actually my 100th post on the blog, but 100 posts is quite an achievement in my book, so I wanted to do a blogpost about it. Now I know for some, a 100 posts is nothing, but for me it’s something. Something that I’ve done, that I’ve achieved over the last few years and I’m feeling quite proud of myself.

I started this blog a little under three years ago. I was dealing with Post Natal Anxiety and needed something to focus on to help with it. I’ve always liked to write and thought a blog would be the right way to go. It helped me be more than just a mum who was terrified of messing up. It’s also helped me so much during this year, which has been so incredibly tough for everyone. Everytime I’ve felt overwhelmed, I’ve sat down and started to write and just felt so much calmer and clear headed afterwards. It’s been an amazing outlet for my mental health, one I didn’t know I needed until I started the blog.

Me then.

Looking back, I can see clearly how much has happened in the last few years. I’ve gone from a first time mother of a newborn to frazzled mum of two and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s allowed me the chance to write about all the things I love, from family life to marvel movies to skincare routines. It’s given me the chance to find my voice and not too be afraid to like what I like.

I also like to think that my writing has improved over the last few years as well, but I’m not 100% sure on that. Then again, you’re always your own worse critic. So it might of and I just can’t see it, could someone let me know if it has? I would really appreciate the feedback.

Me now.

So, now, onwards and upwards, I need to start planning for my next 100 posts or so. It might take me while, so wish me luck (think I might need it)

Jo xx

2 thoughts on “My 100th Post.

  1. Love Reading your blogs Jo I think your confidence has blossomed, you are doing a great job of being a Mum, just wish we could meet up more often, let’s hope for a Brighter New Year lots of love to you all
    Jules xx

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