Sigi’s 18 Month Update.

My baby is officially a toddler, I don’t know whether to scream, cry or laugh (perhaps all three would work).

So, remember when I wrote that Sigi is a really easy, happy baby, well, I take it all back. I don’t know what happened, but after Sigi’s first birthday, she has developed more of an attitude, in all honesty she has become a little madam. She’s into everything she shouldn’t be and her favourite word is no, but she hates hearing it. She’s also at that great phase where everytime I tell her off, she laughs in my face. Don’t worry though, for all her cheekiness, she’s also very curious, clever, and picks up dances and gestures like no one’s business. She has the biggest smile and has started giving kisses, which just make my heart swell.

Happy toddler, happy life

Sigi is an adventurous eater, we’ve yet to find something that she won’t try and pretty much everything we put in front of her gets eaten. She’s also getting the hang of using the fork and spoon (with varying degrees of success). She hasn’t started potty training yet, I imagine she’ll be closer to 2 before we start trying, but she’s definitely interested when we put Frey on the potty.

Park life

Favourite past times at the moment, are mainly annoying Frey and running off with his toys. Thankfully Frey is very patient with her and I think she just wants his attention. She also loves plushies and she has a weird obsession with the broom, everytime she goes into the kitchen, she goes and picks it up and tries to start brushing the floor, and then screams when I take it off her. I don’t whether I should be happy that she wants to clean up or worried.

All in all, Sigi is a happy, mischievous toddler, who makes our lives so much better than I ever thought was possible too.

Jo xx

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