Three Things I’m Grateful For This November

1. Getting into the Christmas Spirit

This is has been a bit crap, hasn’t it? But one thing that has put a smile on my face, is how much people are getting into Christmas early this year. Decorations are going up, mince pies are being bought and Christmas songs are on the radio. I know some might hate it, but I love this time of year and it’s definitely put a smile on my face.

2. Frey’s Schooling

We’ve had it confirmed this month that come January, Frey will be getting 1 to 1 focus when he’s in nursery. It’s a relief to me and my husband, as it will give Frey the extra help that he needs right now. It’s also confirmed to us that others are taking Frey’s developmental delays seriously and that they’re to help and give us the support that we do need with him.

Slightly fancier than normal.

3. Doing my Make Up

I love make up, some might not know it, but I do. However, I very rarely have time to do anything other than the basics, but this month, I’ve had a few days were I’ve managed to do something a little bit fancier, and it’s reminded me how much I love to experiment and have fun with make up.

Jo xx

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