Christmas Eve Boxes/Bags

This is my second year doing Christmas Eve Boxes (or in our case, bags). I really loved doing it last year and looking forward to it even more this year.

Now, with both kids still being young, I’ve kept in the same as last year, with one slight difference (they’re both getting chocolate this year). So, they’re getting:

• Pyjamas (onesies)

• Christmas book each

• A little toy (Sigi is getting her Ty plushie and Frey is getting some wooden trucks)

• Lastly, a chocolate Santa for each of them.

Already to go

I know this is more than some would do, but I think for us it’s just the right amount. I’m also hoping that starting next year, that the kids will be old enough that I can swap out their toys for an activity we can do together as a family, preferably some sort of baking activity, such as decorating gingerbread or baking cupcakes for the following day. As well as possibly, starting to give the kids a DVD that we can watch together as a family after the activity.

Also, you’ve probably noticed in the photo, I don’t give the kids Christmas pyjamas (I mean Sigi’s is sort of Wintery). I did consider getting them Christmas pyjamas last year, but I find I don’t like to have the kids wearing Christmas clothes in the middle of April. Which is a bit weird as I’ve got no problem with them wearing Halloween clothes all year round, but for some reason I’m not the same about Christmas. Either way, I want to get as much wear as possible out of their outfits, so Frey’s is a Marvel onesie, while Sigi’s is a deer onesie.

Do you do Christmas Eve Boxes/Bags? If so, what do you put in them?

Jo x.

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