3 Things I’m Thankful for This October

1. Halloween

It’s my favourite holiday (to the surprise of no one) and while I’ve not been able to celebrate the way I originally planned too (I was going to take the kids trick or treating) but we’ve had alot of fun anyways. The kids had a pumpkin hunt and me and Frey did some Halloween baking this week. It’s been a really fun week for me and the kids have loved it.

2. Christmas Prep

There, I said the C word, but this month I managed to finish up all the kids presents/Christmas Eve box except for one thing. I also now have a majority of the presents for my husband as well, so I’m feeling pretty accomplished. I’ve also started looking into Christmas decorations and menu. I’m normally a fairly disorganised person, so I’m feeling pretty smug at the moment.

Loving my new hair colour.

3. Dyeing my Hair Green

My hair has been various shades of reds and purples for the last year or so, with varying degrees of success and I’d gotten bored, so I decided a change was in order. I was a bit worried at first, bleaching and dyeing hair can affect your curl pattern, but my hair is still in good condition and my curls still look great. I love the new colour, it’s been the refresh that I hadn’t realised I needed.

Jo xx

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