5 Ideas for Halloween in Lockdown

1. Halloween Movie Marathon

I’ll be honest, this would happen even if we weren’t dealing with all the restrictions. Right now, the kids aren’t really interested on live action movies, so the plan is to watch all our favourite cartoon Halloween films one afternoon, curled up on the sofa with popcorn and a large blanket, bliss.

2. Halloween Baking

Frey has recently started to enjoy helping me bake, and by helping me bake, I mean, he stirs, makes a mess and then licks the spoon afterwards. Either way we’re enjoying it, and alot if places, like Asda and B&M have some cute Halloween baking kits, that I’m hoping to try out with Frey. It’s a fun way to pass the afternoon, especially if it’s raining.

Already dressed for All Hallow’s Eve

3. Pumpkin Hunt

I may have borrowed (read: stole) this idea off a friend. Think Easter Egg Hunt but for Halloween, we’re planning on buying some cheap pumpkins and dot them around the house/garden along with sweets and treats. It’s a great way for them to enjoy trick or treating without breaking lockdown restrictions.

4. Craft Project

Ok, I’m not the most craftiness mum out there, but Frey really likes to paint and has started to enjoy simple craft projects. I’ve seen some really good, simple craft ideas that I want to try with Frey in the next week or so, including using an apple to make pumpkin stamps. If you follow me on social media, keep your eyes peeled to see how things turn out (probably with one or both of us covered it paint).

5. Halloween Fashion Show

For me one of the best parts of Halloween is getting dressed up and if you’re kid is like us has a ton of Halloween costumes/clothes then this could be right up their street. I’ll admit, neither of my kids are really fussed about their clothes (Sigi is too young and Frey is going through a bit of a naked phase) but I’m hoping we might be able to do it in a few years time. You could even make them a catwalk with cobwebs and a Halloween playlist to go with it.

Jo xx

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