Sustainable Period Products

I mentioned in my 30 Things To Do Before I’m 30 Update that I’m now using reusable period items exclusively and have been for the last 7 months or so. I decided I wanted to do a more in-depth post about it and my experience. Quick disclaimer, I will be going in depth during this post, so if period talk makes you uncomfortable, I would advise giving this post a miss.

I currently use two products, CSP (cloth sanitary pads) and period pants. CSP are reusable period pads, and like disposable ones, they come in different shapes and sizes. I currently only have 1 size, but I’m hoping to buy more sizes in the near future. Period pants, look like normal underwear with an insert that, like a pad absorbs the blood and prevents staining on your clothes.

Part of my collection

When I first started using CSP, I found it a bit awkward at first, unlike disposables they have poppers instead of adhesive, so it took me a few attempts before I realised the best position for it, so it wouldn’t move around but now I’ve figured that out it’s been smooth sailing. Also I’ve noticed that my skin is far less irritated now I’m using reusables, which is an added bonus. Now I currently only have one size (as I mentioned above), which is for a heavier flow. I did this as my periods can be on the heavier side for the first few day and I wanted to see if CSP can handle it, and I’m pleased to tell you that they passed with flying colours. In fact, they held up better than disposables and I felt far more comfortable.

Also I decided to buy my first set from Amazon, it was a set of 7 for £14.99 (which I’ve gone on to buy another two times). I’m always weary of spending alot of money on something that I’m not sure is going to work for me. Although they’ve definitely worked for me, I am now looking at other brands and sizes to try.

Now period pants are a new addition for me. I got them for me to wear at night, and I love them. I’m much more comfortable at night now and I don’t have to worry about leaks or staining in the morning anymore. Like my CSP I bought my period pants from Amazon, 3 pack for £17.99, which is much more than I would normally pay for underwear, but seeing as some brands cost up to £30 for one pair, I thought this was a fair deal. I do love them and plan on buying more in the future.

Of course, one the of mains things I’ve been asked about reusable period products is; ‘How do you wash them?’ and the answer is, quite easily. I rinse them out with cold water first to get rid of alot of the excess blood. Then I put them in the washing machine on a 30°C wash with just laundry detergent, no softener or conditioner, as these can effect the absorbency of the fabric. Next I hang them on airer to dry, and then once they’re dry I put them away, ready for the next time I need them.

All in all I’m really enjoying using reusables period products, and love the fact that I’m saving money in the long run and helping the environment all a the same time.

Jo xx

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