3 Things I’m Grateful For This September

1. Frey went back to Playgroup.

Yep, Frey is back in playgroup, and I’m just so happy about it. He’s in three mornings a week and he’s loving it. When I take him in in the morning, he always go in with a smile and no tantrums. The only issue is there’s a mini playground in front of his classroom, and Frey has a habit of veering off to go and play.

It’s really good for him, as we’ve discovered that Frey learns best from watching other kids and it gives him the chance to socialise with others, and it allowed me to have one-on-one time with Sigi, that I’m loving at the moment.

This little one is back in playgroup.

2. Celebrating 5 Years of Marriage

Me and the hubby have leveled up in marriage, we get +1 in Con and Wis (D&D joke for you there), but all joking aside it’s been fun to celebrate with him. We even managed a night out without the kids (wonders will never cease) and it was nice to spend some time together just the two of us, as it doesn’t happen often.

3. Having a Clear Out

Ok, so I’m the sort of person who, on occasion, will hold onto to things for longer than I should. However in the last few weeks we’ve started to declutter the house. We’ve managed to clear out the kitchen and I’ve done a charity shop run. It’s been a nice feeling of accomplishment and also makes me slightly less anxious for some reason. It also, however, makes me want to go and buy a ton new decor for the house, now that we’ve got all this clear space (which is the opposite of what we want).

Jo xx

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