5 Things 5 Years of Marriage Has Taught Me

1. Laughter is Best

We’ve been married 5 years and together 9, and theres very rarely a day when we don’t laugh together. My husband is quick witted and a wind up merchant, and I often knowingly take the bait. So we spend a lot of time laughing, and it’s one of the things I love the most about our relationship, how we often we giggle, and I think the kids have picked up on it. I often get complimented on my happy smiley children and that makes me glad that we’re teaching our children the joys of laughter together as a family.

2. It’s Okay to get Annoyed with Eachother

I’ve been with my husband for nine years, and I can probably count on both hands (with fingers to spare) the amount of times we’ve really argued, but we do get annoyed with each other. We both have traits that wind the other one up, and that’s okay, we’re human, and humans get frustrated with each other, especially when you spend so much time together. No one can be with someone all the time and not want to ring their neck on occasion, it’s all a part of being in a long term relationship. We make up and talk it through and we carry on and that’s what matters.

Us then.

3. It’s the Little Things That Count

Big romantic gestures are great, (candlelit dinners, buying expensive presents, weekend getaways), but the day to day little things are also just as great. Me remembering to pick up my husband’s favourite ale or my husband getting up early to take me into work. It shows how much we think of each other and how much we care for one another. It’s little things, but they have a big impact on our relationship.

Us now

4. Communication is Key

Ok, this is where I’m not the best. I struggle sometimes to let me thoughts and feelings be known, but I’ve gotten better over the years. When we first started dating I was scared to speak my mind but my husband was patience and encouraging, and now I’m pretty good at speaking my mind. My husband has given me, not only the confidence, but also the feeling of safety when it comes to speaking my mind. I know he will listen and try and see my point of view and while he might not always agree, he does respect it and I respect his.

5. Grow Together

I was 20 and he was 26 when we got together. I moved into his flat with him just after I turned 21. About a year or so later, he proposed and we then moved into the house that we now live in. After that we got married and then had Frey and then Sigi. It’s safe to say we’re not the same people we were at the start of our relationship. Now for some, they change and grow apart rather than together. This hasn’t been the case for us, everything we’ve gone through together has made us stronger and allowed us to grow as couple.

I’ve also found it’s true what people say about love changing over time. Our love has changed, we have comfortable understanding now that comes with a long term relationship that I wouldn’t change for the world.

Jo x

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