Today is Your Third Birthday

Today you’re three, god, where has the time gone. I won’t say it’s been easy, your speech delay is still bad, couple that with typical toddler temper and tantrums, it’s not been a cake walk, but you have been so, so worth it.

My beautiful Boy

You’ve become such a inquisitive little boy, fascinated by people and new things. I can see the cogs constantly turning in your mind, as you discover and learn. You’re ability to communicate without words is truly amazing, and makes me so proud of you and shows everyone how much you’ve grown.

Your laugh is so infectious and you’re so loving and affectionate with those you love. Your relationship with Sigi has grown so much this last year. You can be so cute and loving towards her, when you’re not pushing her over. Not too say your sister can’t hold her own, I know she likes to pull your hair when you ignore her. Got to love that special sibling connection that has grown between the two of you.

Just chilling.

So, all I can say is Happy Birthday my gorgeous baby boy. I can’t wait to see what this year ahead has planned for you and what you have planned for it.

Jo xx

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