3 Things I’m Thankful for This August

1. I Went Back to Work

Yep, nearly 5 and half months after lockdown started, I finally went back to work earlier this month. And I’m loving every moment of it. It’s nice to have time away from the kids, doing something I’m good at, with people I’m enjoy being with. It’s just a really nice change after the last several months of being stuck in the house.

2. Got My Haircut

It’s such a simple thing, but I haven’t had my hair cut since before lockdown and it’s been doing my head in. Thankfully my amazing hairdresser Laura has started up her business again, which meant I could finally get my hair sorted. It’s amazing how a little bit of me time and self care can make you feel so much better and more confident in yourself.

Frey enjoying our boat trip

3. Days Out With My Family

I’m sure you saw my last blogpost, but we’ve finally had a family day out, the first since lockdown started. We went to the Blue Planet Aquarium and loved every moment of it (well, hubby and the kids did, I spent half my time trying not to have a panic attack). We also been out to Chester today and took the kids on a boat trip (another great one for husband and the kids but not so much for me). It’s been nice to be able to get out of the house for things that aren’t just essential and to spend quality time with the husband and kids, especially as hubby is back in work this week.

Jo xx

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