3 Things I’m Thankful for This July

1. Sigi is Walking

Yep, she is walking.

My baby took her first steps a few days ago, she’s officially on her way to toddlerhood. I’m honestly a little surprised she’s started now, I thought she would be at least another month or so, but I’m incredibly proud of her. She’s especially cute when she walks, as she only manages a few steps before she gets really excited that she’s walking and starts bouncing and then she falls over but she gets back up and starts all over again. I have a feeling, give her another week or so and there will be no stopping her.

She started walking a moment after I took this photo

2. Face Masks

A bit of a weird one, but in the last few months face masks have become an integral part of our lives. I’ve found sometimes I feel a bit silly wearing them but they’re a necessary part of our new normal so it’s got to be done. With this in mind I decided to buy some masks that are more inline with my style. So I got a Game of Thrones and an Alice in Wonderland themed one. They’re good quality and I can wash, which is definitely a plus, and they’ve definitely helped me feel more relaxed when wearing masks on public. I know it’s a little thing but it’s helped.

3. eBay Finds

With me not being able to go to charity shops, eBay has really stepped up. I’ve managed to buy several awesome pieces of clothing for a fraction of what they would of cost me. Meaning the bargain hunter in me is feeling pretty smug right now. It’s also especially good, as just before lockdown I had a large clean out of my wardrobe so I’ve been needing new clothes. And as they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Jo x

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