My Favourite Online Shops for the Geeky Inclined

This is a post that I should of done at the beginning of lockdown, but I didn’t think it through, so I’m posting it now instead. (Yes, I know, I can be an idiot).

Now, it’s been established that I’m a geek and my personal style is a mix of alternative, geek and vintage and what I wear and how I like to decorate, definitely reflects that. Now in the last few years a lot of shops on the high street have started selling more fandom wise, especially Disney, Marvel and DC but if you’re like me, have some more obscure tastes then your in luck. I’ve written up my shortlist of my favourite websites for my geeky purchases, so without further ado.


It’s my all time favourite site, the perfect mix of geeky and alternative clothing, accessories and homeware. They carry some of biggest and best in alternative brands including Hell Bunny, Voodoo Vixen, Jawbreaker, along with their own ranges and huge collections of licenced merchandise, including Disney, Star Wars, DC and Marvel. As well as band merchandise, including Rammstein, Metallica and Iron Maiden. It’s got something for everyone, you just can’t go wrong with EMP.


If you love retro 80’s and 90’s kitsch clothing and accessories then this is the site for you. My personal favourite is the Labyrinth top that I’ve had my eye on for ages. Also they have literally a mug for everyone, what’s not to love.


I know MenKind has shops, but the one closest to me closed down just before lockdown, so I’m counting it on this list. MenKind is awesome and perfect for homeware and presents for all the geeks in your life. It also has alot of great gaming accessories, which if your like me and married to a gamer, then MenKind can be a godsend.

My latest Etsy purchase


I love handmade and supporting small businesses. I’ve found over the years that if the sites above don’t have what I’m looking for, then someone on Etsy will. It can be more expensive than the high street, but me to it is worth it, for the quality and skillmanship that I’ve found from Etsy sellers.


Ok, it’s technically a social media app but since Sigi’s birth I’ve discovered some amazing small businesses on Instagram. Lots of gorgeous handmade clothing for me and the kids, toys and homeware. PickleandBean, Mini Moshers by Claire, Mummas Little Monsters and Bissy Bisew and CreepyKidsUK to name a few. These shops are the reason why my kids wardrobes are so awesome and why I now have a skirt with a wizard riding a dragon having a battle with other wizards.

Where do you like to buy your merch? Do you have a favourite website? I’m always on the lookout for good places for new merchandise.

Jo xx

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