Today Your 1

My sweet baby girl, today is your birthday. Your official first day towards toddlerhood. It makes me smile and cry a little at the same time.


Watching you grow this year has been truly an amazing experience. You’re such a happy baby girl, with the biggest smile and the cutest laugh. You’re easy going, but definitely not a pushover. You’re beginning to show your likes and dislikes and I can see your wonderful personality emerging more and more each day. You’ve got your dad wrapped around your little finger ( I am slightly dreading your teen years) and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

With her great Nana

Watching you and your brother grow and develop your relationship this year, has honestly been the best part for me. When you were born Frey didn’t know what to make of you and now he loves you, and even though you two are beginning to argue (I know you pulled his hair on purpose the other day when he ignored you). I can see how much you adore each other, and it makes me worried about all the trouble you two are going get up to together when you’re older.

Look at those teeth.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is happy first birthday my beautiful little girl, and like I tell your brother, you might not be a baby anymore but you will always be my baby.

Jo xx

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