3 Things I’m Happy For This May

1. DIY

Hubby just been off for a week and we’ve managed to not only paint the outside of the house but also completely rearrange the living room. Which included mounting the TV onto the wall and creating a better set up for my husband when he’s gaming on the PC. It’s a nice feeling of accomplishment.

2. Working Out

I honestly never thought I would put working out on here. I hate going to the gym and having a toddler and a now mobile baby makes working out not the easiest; but like many during quarantine I’ve put on weight. It’s been really effecting my mental health, especially when I can’t get into my jeans. So I started working out, roughly 3 to 4 times a week for about 20 minutes and it’s really helped. I’m beginning to tone up and it’s really helping my mental health, as it’s nice to have something that I’m doing just for myself

Missing this one.

3. My Work Friends

In the last month I’ve been having regular Zoom meet ups with my work friends. It’s really nice to catch-up, next to my family these are the people I see the most and I’ve missed them. It gives me something to look forward to when lockdown is over and we can go out for drinks and have a proper catch up.

Jo xx

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