Planning A 1st Birthday in Lockdown

Sigi turns one next month (excuse me while I just go and sob in the corner), and I feel guilty as hell. Now, let me explain, for the last two years we’ve celebrated Frey’s birthday’s with big parties with family and friends, and that was my plan for Sigi but then lockdown happened, and even though I expect alot of restrictions will be relaxed by Sigi’s birthday (her birthday is late June), the likelihood of us being able to have a party like Frey has had will be slim.

Now this would of been the week where I would of started inviting everyone to the party, and that made me a bit mopey for a day, but I’m trying to keep a positive mindset. So, I rolled up my sleeves and squared my shoulders and got to work planning Sigi’s birthday celebration.

Look at her

So, I’ve already bought all of Sigi’s presents except for one thing. I’ll be honest, when it comes to presents that’s the only part of my life that is generally incredibly organised. I’ve also got her a special birthday outfit, that I can’t wait to put her in. Yes, I know, I am that mum.

Anyway, for celebrating Sigi turning one, we’re going to do a cake smash. I really wanted to do one with Frey but things didn’t turn out that way, so we’re doing one with Sigi instead, and I can’t wait. Also we’re going to do it outside, so my husband doesn’t have a heart attack over the mess and I’m going to decorate with balloons and possibly some bunting. Hopefully as well, restrictions will be lifted enough that we can possibly have a little party for her, it will be wonderful if it is a possible and if not, we’ll still have a good day.

I know this post might seem a bit silly to some, and I know Sigi won’t remember it, but one day she’ll ask about her first birthday, and I want her to know that even in the middle of a global pandemic she still had a lovely birthday. That’s what’s important to me, to keep the normal going for my kids and for my family and celebrating birthdays is a big part of that for me.

Jo xx.

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