3 Things I’m Grateful For This April

1. My Kids Sleep Routine

I’m currently with my kids 24/7, except for when I go and do the weekly shop. Now I won’t lie, neither of my children likes to sleep much during the day, but both tend to sleep through a majority of the night. Frey is normally down and fast asleep by 8-8:30 and he’s waking up between 6-7. Sigi is pretty much the same except she wakes up between 1-3 for a bottle. Which means most of the time I have a few hours every night to relax and a have a sit down without being climbed all over. It is bliss, and I wouldn’t be able to handle this lockdown without my chance to relax in the evening.

2. The Weather

Now normally, for us Brits, the weather is one of our favourite things to complain about. Mostly because the weather in the UK is quite temperamental. However, (with the exception of the other day) the weather during this month has been really nice. Most days have been warm and sunny, meaning we’ve been able to head outside and the kids aren’t cooped up all day inside. Giving Frey the chance to burn off his excess energy and me a chance to sit down for five minutes while he runs around like a crazy person.

Having a conversation

3. Sigi and Frey’s Growing Relationship

Sigi and Frey’s relationship has been growing and developing these last few months but during April it’s really started to take form. They have conversations (I’m pretty sure they’re plotting my demise) and they’ve sort of started to play together. Frey’s taking to patting Sigi on the head and holding her hand. Not that it’s all plain sailing, the other day when they were playing, Sigi accidentally slapped Frey and he retaliated with a toy truck, the result was me having to console a crying 10 month old and a screaming 2 and half year old. Oh, the joy of siblings.

Jo xx

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