I Re-watched Iron Man

A part of my 30 things To Do Before I’m 30, I’m re-watching the entire MCU universe in correct chronological order. I’ve already watched Captain America and Captain Marvel and I started watching Iron Man and quickly realised to my own horror I haven’t watched it in years, seriously I haven’t watched it since we’ve been living in our current home and we moved in 6 years ago. So I thought it would be fun to do a post about me watching it again after so long.

First of all, it’s so weird to see Terence Howard playing Jim Rhodes. He’s a great actor and he plays Rhodes really well but Don Cheadle is Rhodes for me now, it seems almost wrong for anyone else to play Rhodes. That being said, I think everyone else was perfectly cast for this movie.

Second, there are so many iconic lines in this film.

“Merchant of death”

“Including, occasionally, taking out the trash. Will that be all?”

“Hogan drive, cheeseburger first”

“Let’s face it, this is not the worse thing you’ve caught me doing.”

“I am Iron Man” (A geeky side note, Robert Downey Jr adlibbed this line)

It’s quite impressive how much of this movie I can quote. I mean I pretty much quoted the first conversation between Pepper and Stark word for word, I don’t honestly know if I should be impressed with myself or not.

Got everything I need for a film night

I also forgot about Yensen, yeah, I feel terrible. I loved him, to me he was the catalyst to Tony Stark becoming Iron Man. I also forgot this was the movie that introduced the man, the myth, the legend that is Phil ‘Son of Coul’ Coulson. I mean I already love this movie, but Coulson is so awesome, he just that added extra bonus that makes the movie for me.

There’s definitely a difference between watching now and watching this as a 17 year old. For example, I’ve noticed how awesome Pepper is, I mean she was always awesome but now I can see how much self-respect she’s got for herself. Yeah, she loves Tony but she isn’t afraid to tell him when he’s being an ass. The way they interact, it’s clear that despite the fact she’s his assistant, she’s still very much his equal.

I loved re-watching Iron Man, and it has definitely confirmed two things for me.

1. Robert Downey Jr was born to play Tony Stark, I seriously can’t imagine anyone else playing him. From the looks to the one liners to the heart turning moments, no-one could play him better.

2. I can see how this movie set the foundations for the amazing multi-universe film series that the MCU is today. The great one-liners, amazing visual effects, awesome fight scenes and the heart warming moments make this a classic MCU movie.

Jo xx

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