30 Things To Do Before I’m 30

1. Read a new book

2. Re-read entire Harry Potter series.

3. Re-watch the entirety of the MCU in correct chronological order

4. Go to the beach

5. Go to Drayton Manor

6. Spend a night away from the kids, with my husband

7. Get my nose re-pierced

8. Buy at least one matching outfit for the kids (so they can hate me when they’re older).

9. Cover up my old tattoo.

10. Get a new tattoo

11. Go to a National Trust site

Me and Frey at our local Comic Con last year

12. Successfully bake chocolate chip cookies

13. Get better at baking in general

14. Go to the Harry Potter Studios

15. Re-watch the last Bleach arc (in preparation for when the new anime comes out)

16. Go to a Con

17. Sort out and decorate Sigi’s room

18. Move Sigi out of our room into her own room (may seem like a weird one, but Frey was still in our room even after his room was ready for him to move into)

19. Get a 100 followers on the blog

One of my all time favourite photos

20. Learn yoga (at least the basics)

21. Learn to do the splits again.

22. Go and see a play/musical

23. Take the kids trick or treating this year

24. Switch over completely to reusable period wear.

25. Face my fears and take the kids swimming.

26. Get better at replying to my messages. (This one probably won’t happen but I can try).

27. Do something completely out of my comfort zone.

28. Have a mini holiday with my family

29. Visit my family who live across the country from me, especially my Nana

30. Buy matching outfits for me and the kids, specifically Halloween and Christmas pyjamas. (So, they can definitely hate me when they’re older)

Jo xx

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