4 Things I’m Thankful for this March

1. New Tattoo

If you follow me on social media, you’ll already know I got a new tattoo earlier this month. I haven’t gotten one in a little over 2 years and it’s one I wanted for ages, to show my love for my favourite film (The Nightmare Before Christmas) and three of my favourite characters (Lock, Shock and Barrel). It’s also my first colour tattoo and I love it. I’m definitely wanting another colour tattoo now, but I’m going to have to wait and save up for another.

Freshly tattooed

2. Disney+

Yes, I am thankful for a streaming service. The UK is currently on lockdown and my husband is a key worker, so there’s a large portion of the day where it’s just me and the kids and I need to watch something that will keep the kids entertained and isn’t Thomas The Tank Engine before I lose my mind. So far, Frey is a fan of Mulan (so proud), 101 Dalmatians and Cars. He doesn’t however like The Lion King or Frozen, which I’ll be honest, doesn’t bother me.

3. Essential Workers

As I mentioned above, the UK is on lockdown and I’m extremely thankful for the people who are still working to keep the country going. Staff of the NHS, supermarket workers, delivery drivers, teachers, council workers, bin men and the list goes on and I’m thankful for each and every one who is still out there, going to work to keep us ticking on.


4. My Family

With everything that has been going on this month, I’m very, very thankful that (touch wood) all my family is doing ok. Everyone is safe, healthy and yes, lockdown isn’t fun but it’s a hell of alot better than the alternative.

Jo xx

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