Sigi’s 9 Month Update

Yes, my baby girl is now 9 months old, we’re steadily heading towards her first birthday. Which makes me want to beam with pride and ugly cry at the same time.

So, Sigi is still a big, healthy, very strong baby. We were planning on doing baby-led weaning with her, but trying to do this with a toddler who doesn’t think twice about stealing food off his sister, as well as the fact Sigi struggles sometimes with hand eye coordination still and has stab herself in the eye, nose and once in her ear (don’t ask me how, still haven’t worked it out myself). With all this in mind, we’re now doing a mixture of baby led and traditional weaning, it’s not exactly what we were planning, but it’s working and Sigi is growing just the way she was meant to.

So classy

Sigi is also now mobile, gone were the joyous moments, when I could put her down and she didn’t end up halfway across the room. Unlike her brother who was a straight up crawler, Sigi uses a combination to crawling, rolling, bum shuffling and sheer force of will to get herself moving, and once she starts, she’s pretty much an unstoppable force. Oh, the joy.

She loves being outside and able to roam

One thing that has recently started to develop, is Sigi and Frey’s relationship. Before Frey wouldn’t really acknowledge his little sister but now she’s bigger and more alert. He’s starting to interact with her, and she’s loving every moment of it. She’s also happily chatting away, her favourite words are mama and Dada and yes she knows the difference (she’s far too smart for my liking).

All in all, Sigi is doing great, she’s reaching all her milestones and is just my happy beautiful baby girl.

Jo xx

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