Frey’s 30 Month (2 1/2 Years) Update

So, this is going to be a bit different to my usual updates about Frey. You see there’s a few things that I’ve never mentioned on here or on my social media about Frey which I need to explain.

Just after Frey turned two, me and the hubby were getting really worried about Frey, his speech had regressed to the point where there were no actual words, just a lot of noises and he would straight up ignore a majority of people. He wasn’t able to interact with anyone except us and his grandparents and wouldn’t listen to anyone 90% of the time. This was more than just usual toddler stubbornness, he wouldn’t respond to his name and it sometimes seemed like he couldn’t hear us. On top of this he was having epic tantrums and meltdowns. And when we went to the health visitor for a developmental check, we were told that he was delayed in pretty much all areas except his gross motor skills. To say we were upset, stressed and worried would be an understatement.

Thankfully though our lovely health visitor got on top of it. We had appointments with the audiologists, paediatrician and speech and language therapist. With the audiologist, we were told that Frey’s hearing was fine, which was a relief, but also frustrating, as it meant something else was going on and we didn’t know what. Our paediatrician saw him and kindly referred him to a pre-school development team (who we will be seeing soon) and last the Speech and Language therapist saw him. The therapist pointed out that he may not be able to talk yet, being able to talk and being able to communicate are two very different things.

At Christmas

Another thing that happened during this time was that, Frey started going to playgroup twice a week and his grandmother very kindly paid for him to go to tumble tots once a week as well. These two things combined have helped so much, Frey hated me leaving him at playgroup at first, and now he pushes me out the way to get through the door (makes me feel so loved). He’s learnt patience and how to wait his turn. He likes to watch other kids play now and will also play along side another child quite happily, which he wouldn’t before. He also now acknowledges people and makes eye contact, which he didn’t used to.

Taking himself to bed.

And earlier this month we had another developmental check, and besides his speech and language, he is now no longer delayed, which means me and the hubby can breathe a bit easier. We still have to work at his speech but knowing how much he’s improved in the last six months, gives us the motivation to keep moving forward. And there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to catch up, within the next year to eighteen months. It’s just a case of managing each day as it comes.

Jo xx