So, I’ve Gone Back to Work

It’s official, I’m back in work.

It weird, but in a good way, it’s nice to have time where I get to interact with other adults and the conversations don’t revolve around Mr. Tumble or how many times Sigi has spat up on herself during the day. That being said, I’m feeling the mum guilt this time round. When I returned to work after my first maternity with Frey I was still recovering from my PNA (post natal anxiety) and I found the return to work really helped as it, not only allowed me breathing room but also the ability to focus on things that I’m good at without feeling like I was under microscope all the time. But of course with my second maternity leave, I haven’t had PNA and have really been able to enjoy my time with the kids. Which has made it so much harder with the mum guilt, especially when after I get home and all Frey wants is hugs and cries the moment I put him down, it seriously breaks my heart.

How he greets me after work.

Thankfully though, unlike last time (where I was full time and fully flexible) I’ve gone back part time and on set days. Which I’m very thankful that my work was able to accommodate this, as I wouldn’t have been able to manage going back full time. A result of going back part time is that I’m finding the balance between work and family far easier this time round.

Right now though, I’m just getting back into the swing of things at work (thankfully, I love where I work and the people I work with) and once the adjustment period is over and everyone has settled into our new routine, it will all be smooth sailing (hopefully).

Jo x.