5 Things I’m Doing to Beat the January Blues

January, the first month of the year and to many (myself included) the most depressing. With Christmas and the holidays over and with no plans for the next month or so, I often find it hard to keep smiling and motivated. But I have found certain things do lift my spirits and keep me moving forward.

1. Treating Myself

Sadly January is the no money month (I’ll be honest every month is the no money month at the moment, but January especially so), so while I don’t go on a crazy shopping spree, I do treat myself to the occasional five minutes in bed or the extra hot shower and an extra biscuit (and by extra biscuit, I mean half the packet). It’s these little things that are really help bring a smile to my face.

Treating myself to a biscuit or two (or three, or four)

2. Get out of the House

Even if it’s just a walk down the road, I’ve been trying to get out of the house every other day. With December being such a social month, January can be very lonely and if you’re like me, in the house all day, everyday, it can become quite stifling and a bit depressing. I’ve found a change of scenery works best for me and it’s got the added bonus of stopping the kids climbing the walls.

3. Don’t Do Resolutions

It’s unneeded pressure at the beginning of a new year that I just don’t need or want.

4. Have a Clear Out.

I’ve always felt extra cluttered after Christmas (even more so after the kids arrived), so a clear out is definitely in order. I’ve already cleared out Frey’s room and sorted out Sigi’s clothes and am planning to sort out our bedroom in the next week or so. It really gets me into a clear head space and ready for the year ahead.

Sorting out all the books, toys and DVDs that Frey has out grown.

5. Planning for the Year.

I got a diary for Christmas and I’ve found writing out birthdays, weddings and just trying to work out if it’s going to possible to do a small family holiday this year has really helped me look forward to the year ahead.

What’s your way to beat the January blues?

Jo xx