Goodbye The 2010’s

It’s December 31st 2019, we’re officially at the end of a decade, and what a decade it’s been. At the start of this decade I was a university student living up in Aberdeen and I’m now a married mum of two living just inside the Welsh border.

Wedding day

It’s really hard to believe in this decade I met my now husband, fell in love, moved in together, got engaged, got married, had our son in 2017 and welcomed our daughter into this world this year. Safe to say it’s been a busy decade, and I loved every moment of it. My biggest changes have happened later in the decade, with the birth of my two children. They’ve changed my life in so many ways and I’m a better, happier person because of them and my husband.

Me in 2009
Me Now

Not only have I gone through the biggest change with my family. I’ve also grown so much in myself, my confidence had grown exponentially with the encouragement of my husband. In 2010 I didn’t have the guts to be my real self, I very rarely spoke of my love of comics, sci-fi, fantasy and the occasional anime. I rarely wore what I really wanted to wear and never had the guts to dye my hair any other colour than red. Now a decade on, I wear outfits loudly proclaiming my loyalty to Marvel (sorry DC) along with all things black and velvet. My hair has been pretty much every colour in the rainbow and then some and I’ve never been happier just being me.

Frey’s birth
Sigi’s birth
Me and my two monsters

So, thank you 2010’s for being such an amazing decade and to the 2020’s I look forward to seeing where you take me.

Jo xx

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