Sigi’s 6 Month Update

I say this every time, and I’ll say it again, I can’t believe Sigi is six months old. Where is the time going? While I love how much she’s developing, sometimes I just want time to stand still, just for a few moments and let me enjoy how small and wonderful she is right now.

So, she’s still her happy little self, calmer than Frey and also more of a smiler. Don’t get me wrong, Frey was a happy baby, but Sigi is a Happy (with a capital H) baby who charms everyone she’s meets (I’m already dreading the teenage years). She’s also still a big baby, recently had her height and weight checked, both still in the 91st percentile. Which means I’m now looking into putting her into her 9-12 month clothing just after Christmas, oh the joys.

Happy smiley girl

Despite Sigi being obsessed with watching us eat at meal times, I decided to hold off properly weaning Sigi until now. I tried to start giving her tastes of things but she wasn’t interested. I spoke to her health visitor at her 6 month appointment who suggested going down the baby led route with Sigi (Frey was traditionally weaned at about 5 months), so we’re going to give try and see how it goes.

I’m also loving the way she’s beginning to interact and show preference with her toys (she really likes her lion). Another nice thing is that Frey is beginning to show more interest in her, which she of course loves, as she obsessed with him. It’s lovely watching their sibling bond develop.

Right now she’s just at that point where she’s about to take a huge leap in her development. Which is both terrifying and wonderful, before we know it, she’ll be sitting up, walking and talking. But right now it’s just amazing to watch her begin to figure out the world around.

Jo xx