Christmas Traditions.

Christmas traditions, everyone has them, when I was a kid put our Christmas tree up on Christmas Eve and always read Twas the night before Christmas. As I got older I added watching the Nightmare Before Christmas on Christmas Eve to my Christmas traditions.

Now I’m a parent I’ve started thinking about all the Christmas traditions I want to do with my kids. The ones I want to carry on from my childhood and the new ones I wanted to start. We read Twas the Night before Christmas every Christmas Eve since Frey has been born, and I’m currently trying to persuade my husband to let the kids watch the Nightmare Before Christmas with me (I’ll be honest, I’ve had limited success on that part).

One of the new traditions I’m starting are Christmas Eve Boxes for the kids. I never had one of these as a child and didn’t really know about them until a few years ago. This will be the first year I’ve made a box and I really enjoyed it, Frey and Sigi are sharing a box this year, Sigi is only 6 months old and with Frey being only two I didn’t see the point of making two boxes (I’ll probably start making two boxes when Sigi is about two). They both got a new set of pyjamas each, along with a Christmas book and a small toy. I know neither are going to get what’s going yet but I know they’re really going to love their little treats and gifts.

Christmas Eve Box

Another new tradition is the Chester Zoo Lanterns, this will be our second year going and I’m really looking forward to it. When we went last year we had a wonderful time, Frey really loved it and I just can’t wait to see his and Sigi’s reactions this year.

What’s your Christmas traditions? Have you carried on one’s from your childhood? Or started new ones?

Jo xx