My (Almost) 6 Months Post C-Section Update.

Sigi is almost 6 months old (how has that happened?!), Which means I’m also nearly six months postpartum so I thought I would do a bit of an update about how I’m doing.

Physically, my C-section scar has healed very nicely. I do get the occasional twinges, especially if I’ve had to walk a long distance or been extra physical that day. In my six week update I mentioned my weight and uncomfortable I was feeling. I’m still bigger than I was pre pregnancies, but I’m no longer uncomfortable about it, I’m actually beginning to like my new body. It’s a body that created to awesome human beings and went through two c-sections in less than two years, I reckon that’s pretty badass. As for my new curves, I’m starting to like them and I’m feeling good about myself at the moment.

Hanging out with my favourite people

Mentally, emotionally, I’m good. Well as good as anyone can be with a six month and two year old. With Frey, it was the six month mark that my PPA (postpartum anxiety) started to calm down and I really started enjoying being mum. This time round, there have been days where I’ve just wanted to curl into a little ball and cry (mostly when I’ve spent up to two hours trying to get Frey down for a nap while his sister is asleep. Only for her to wake up and him still running around, very pleased with himself). Thankfully though days are very few and far between, and this time I’ve really enjoyed just being a mum. I am really thankful that this time round I’m able to just enjoy being a mum, without over analysing every parenting decision I make.

Its definitely been a hectic (almost) six months and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Through the sleepless nights and inevitable meltdowns (sometimes the kids, sometimes me), Sigi’s smiles and Frey’s cuddles have made it all worth it and I’m loving every moment of being a mum of two.

Jo x