Gift Guide For Geeky Dad’s.

Its a little less than a month to go until Christmas, and I’ve been shopping for the hubby and while I’m pretty much done (humble brag). I did see several items that would be perfect for a geeky dad, so I thought I would do a little gift guide for those who might be still racking their brains for ideas.

1. DC Comics Batman Stress Ball from TruffleShuffle £5.99

Being a parent can be stressful, so a stress ball would be a great stocking filler. Especially one that’s shaped like a the bat signal, what’s not to love.

2. What If? Book from Amazon £9.99

If you’ve got someone who loves science, this is the perfect gift for them. It’s all about giving serious scientific answers to ridiculous questions. It’s got my husband’s and several of our friends seals of approval.

3. Dad’s Stats T-Shirt from Redbubble £15.49

This is the ultimate geek dad top, if you know a dad who loves D&D this is the top for them. I did seriously consider getting this for the hubby but in the end I decided on another. Although its still a contender for father’s Day.

4. Skull Decanter from Amazon £10.07

For when you’re classy but you’re aesthetic is skulls, spiders and dead things.

5. Star Wars Cheeseboard and Knife Set from Menkind £30

This is great present for a geeky dad, it’s the sort of present that says you’re a fully functioning adult who just happens to love star wars.

How awesome is this.

6. Pacman Desktop Arcade from Primark £18.

This is awesome, I can just picture it one someone’s office desk, playing with it when they’ve got a few free minutes, and if this was sold anywhere else you would be looking easily about £30-£40, so for £18 you can’t go wrong.

7. Game Of Thrones Stein from Menkind £10

There’s something about game of thrones and a stein that go hand in hand, so why not combine them and give it to your favourite dad. Especially when it’s got Tyrion’s most famous quote on it.

8. Avengers Endgame Hoody from EMP £51.99

You can never go wrong with Marvel, and this hoody is amazing. I seriously have considered buying it not only for my other half but also for myself.

9. Turtle Beach Recon Headset from Argos £29.99

If you, like me have married a gamer and they don’t have a have a headset, buy them one for Christmas and you can thank me later. The only downside is they’re noise cancelling, so it does take a little bit longer to get them notice you when dinners ready.

10. 100 Films Bucket List Scratch Poster from TruffleShuffle £12.99

Any film lover would love this as a present, even if you’ve already seen most/all the movies, it just gives you a good excuse to watch them again. This would also make a great joint present for mum and dad, as they could watch them together.

P.S There’s also a game version of this poster.

Jo xx