5 Things That Will Happen This Halloween Week.

2. I Will Spend too Much Money on Halloween Clothes.

I’ll be honest I’ve already spent too much money on Halloween clothes/costumes and I still don’t have a Halloween costume for Frey. Seriously, he has a Halloween hoody and t-shirt but somehow I’ve managed to forget to buy him an actual costume. I can’t really talk though as I have alot of Halloween clothing for myself as well, but then again I wear it all year round. So really for me, it’s just what I usually wear.

2. We will go Trick or Treating.

I’ve been waiting three years, but Frey is finally old enough to go trick or treating and I can’t wait. Originally I didn’t know if we would be able to as Frey gets very cranky in the evening, thankfully though our local city centre does a Halloween trick or treat trail around the shops, so we can do during the day. I know it’s not typical trick or treating but for us, for the first time it’s perfect.

I regret nothing

3. There Will Be a Negotiation about Sweets.

You can only have 1, ok, no more than 2, 3 is the max.

Halloween is a holiday of scares, costumes and sweets. Frey still managed to get sweets last year and we didn’t do anything except go to soft play. So I’m prepared for the negotiations (read:tantrums) to start after we go trick or treating, wish me luck.

4. We Will Watch a Halloween Movie

It won’t be scary and by we, I mean I’ll watch a Halloween movie, while Sigi sleeps on my lap, Frey runs about the room, stopping very few minutes to watch a bit of it and then start running around again. It’s how we watch pretty much every movie and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

5. I Will Love Every Moment of It.

I love Halloween, it’s my favourite holiday and I love enjoying it with my kids. I love getting them dressed up and I’m really looking forward to taking them trick or treating this year, as I know in a few years time, they’ll be telling me what that they’ll too old to be trick or treating and getting dressed up is lame. So right now I’m holding on to these precious years for as long as possible.

Now don’t mind me while I leg it to the shops to grab my son a last minute Halloween costume.

Jo xx.