To Nap or Not To Nap?

That is the most infuriating question of all at the moment.

So, lately, there have been problems with napping in our house. Frey has just turned 2 and hes at that phase where sometimes he just doesn’t want to nap, and honestly, it’s exhausting.

He used to go down for a nap between 12-1 and he would happily sleep for 1-2 hours (and it was heavenly). Now he on occasion goes down at 1, most of time I’m luckily if he decides he’s going to sleep about 4, which of course means he won’t go to sleep in the evening until about 9 (if we’re lucky). And the few times I’ve thought ‘screw it, he can just stay up’, he has become a demon child. Having full blown meltdowns over nothing, just because he’s so tired.

Look at him, all adorable and asleep.

The other reason it so exhausting, the sheer amount of effort I’ve had to put in to get him to sleep. So far I’ve tried:

  • Cold milk,
  • Warm milk
  • No milk
  • Read him a story
  • Let him listen to some music
  • White noise
  • Light on
  • Light off
  • Change him into pyjamas
  • Leave him alone
  • Lie down with him

None of it works.

A part of me thinks I should let him drop his nap, even though he’s a terror by 5 in the afternoon. But another part of me wants to to carry on with his naps, even though it can take up to two hours to get him down (that’s if he goes down).

Now I know I can’t be the only parent out there whose gone through this. So, how did you manage? Did you drop the nap or did you persevere? Or did you find an entirely new way to get them to sleep during the day? Or are you going through the problem that I’m currently facing? And if you are how are you coping? Because as I always say, it really does take a village to raise a child, and right now I need my village.

Jo xx

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