Me and My Mental Health.

Today, October 10th 2019 is World Mental Health Day. I’ve spoken on here multiple times before about my mental health and my struggles, with my post natal anxiety after Frey was born, but what I haven’t really talked about all the other things that cause me anxiety, make me feel worthless, or a bit of a weirdo.

Happy with my baby girl

So, earlier this year I started therapy. My husband (who is awesome) was the driving force behind me going to therapy, he knew something wasn’t right and that I could really do with talking to someone. Now here’s the thing, I went into therapy thinking that what happened after Frey was born were causing my mental health situation (especially as I was pregnant with Sigi at the time). Turns out that alot of things, pre-Sigi, pre-Frey and even pre-husband were really affecting my mental health. Events and situations that I had buried and didn’t like to think about, were still causing me anxiety and stress. Talking it all through with someone with an unbiased opinion and getting all out into the open has really helped me, allowing me to be far better mentality prepared for Sigi’s arrival. Right now I’m taking a break from therapy, I’m in a good place right now as I’m still adjusting to being a mother of two, but when the time is right I’ll be going back.

For now all I want to say is, I know it’s cliche but it ok not to be ok. It’s not weak to say to someone ‘I’m not ok’, actually (to me) it’s one of the strongest things a person can do. And for all those people worried about someone, just letting them know you’re there for them, even when they’re not ready to talk, does really help and make all the difference.

Jo xx

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