Top 10 Films if You Love Halloween but Hate Horror Movies.

I love Halloween, ghosts and ghouls, witches, trick or treating, dressing up, I love it all. What I don’t love though is horror movies, I’m a wimp, I don’t do Horror, scares or gore. Of course there are one or two exceptions to the rules (Cabin in the Woods), but I generally avoid horror and gore films like the plague. That being said there are still quite a few movies I love to watch over this festive period, so I thought I would do my top ten movies for Halloween if you hate horror films.

Without further ado.

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

My all time favourite film, and what started my life long love of all things Tim Burton. It’s the perfect Halloween to Christmas movie, all about the Pumpkin King (aka the king of Halloween) deciding he’s going to take over Christmas. What’s not too love.

When you’re a Superfan you’ve got all the merch

2. Hotel Transylvania

I love this movie, it’s the perfect movie to watch with your kids when it’s cold and raining outside. I mean who doesn’t love a film all about a hotel for monsters as they hide from the nasty humans, seriously love it.

3. Addams Family

Christina Ricci was Wednesday Addams, need I say more.

4. Hocus Pocus

Disney cult classic, I spend a majority of October singing ‘I put a spell on you’ under my breath. Also did anyone else a sight crush on Binx in human form, or was that just me?

5. The Frighteners

Anyone else remember this movie, it’s stars Michael J Fox as an architect who loses his wife in a car accident and gains the ability to see ghosts. The main plot involves the Grim Reaper and a crazy FBI agent. If you’ve never seen it, I would check it out.

Watching movies together, while it’s raining outside

6. The Craft

It’s got that classic 90’s teenage movie feel with four teenage girls trying to deal with their high school and home problems the most logical way. Through forming a coven and using magic. Ok, so maybe not the most logical, but an amazing movie either way.

7. Repo the Genetic Opera

Out of all the film’s on this list, Repo is definitely the darkest. Post apocalyptic gothic rock musical (yes this is a thing). It’s got some amazing songs, which makes up for the few moments in the film that make me shudder and look away. Perfect if you love musicals and aren’t as much as a wimp as I am.

8. Practical Magic

This is another one that no one seems to remember. Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock are witch sisters, dealing with small town mentality and a family curse. Its a surprisingly feel good movie, all about sisterhood with magic thrown in.

9. Beetlejuice

My second Tim Burton movie on the list, and who doesn’t love a movie about a ghost couple attempting to exorcise the human inhabitants out of their home. And when none of their methods work,the enlist the help of Beetlejuice, a bio-exorist, mayhem and hilarity ensues.

10. Harry Potter the Movie Series

Any of the movies in the series will do for Halloween, but I’m quite partial to the first one, especially the troll scene.

What’s your favourite non-horror Halloween movie?

Jo xx

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