Sigi 3 Month Update

I know I always say it, but how do I have a three month old? Seriously where has the time gone? Feels like yesterday she was a few days old and now she’s in 3-6 month clothing and can hold her head up fine all on her own.

Look at those cheeks

So she’s a big girl, there’s no denying it. At her last weigh in she was 13lbs 4 ounces and in the 91st percentile. Which considering she was born just below the 50th percentile is quite impressive. Sadly Sigi’s skin seems to be even more sensitive than her brothers, so I’ve been trying to mostly use reusable nappies and wipes with her and so far, so good. (I’m hoping to a more in-depth post later on all about a cloth nappy journey).

Love her

She’s also definitely calmer but not quieter than her brother. She’s more than happy to let you know when she’s not impressed, thankfully though she’s generally a very happy baby, especially when someone is holding her. She’s also beginning to show of preference to certain toys (especially the very hungry caterpillar toy that was originally Frey’s).

Getting in the cuddles while I can

It’s just wonderful to watch Sigi watch her big brother. She’s obsessed with him and just loves watching him run around like a maniac. I have a feeling that she’ll be walking earlier than he was, which is both exciting and terrifying. Wish me luck, I think I’m going to have my hands full.

Jo xx

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