7 Signs You Love This Time of Year.

1. The moment September hits, you throw all Summer clothes to the back of your wardrobe and lovingly hang up all jumpers, cardigans and get out your favourite warm leggings and fluffy socks.

2. You buy your kids (and yourself) multiple Halloween and Halloween inspired outfits. Even though you have exactly zero plans for Halloween yet, but at least you’ve got an outfit for everyday of the week of the Halloween.

My inner 14 year old goth is so happy

3. You secretly start listening to Christmas songs. No matter what anyone says it is perfectly acceptable to listen to them from September onwards, even though everyone judges you.

4. Your constantly on the lookout for everything pumpkin/cinnamon/nutmeg spiced. Coffee, candles, air freshers, you name it, if it’s got that warm spiced scent you must have it.

5. Watching films like Nightmare before Christmas, The Holiday, Die Hard and Love Actually on repeat and not feeling the slightest bit guilty about it.

6. Making multiple plans for throughout December, even though you’ve got two small children and know that you probably won’t be able to do half of the plans but you just can’t help yourself.

One of my favourite photos

7. Getting really excited about the thought of snow days, even though it’s still September and it’s all clear skies without a snow or storm cloud insight.

Jo xx

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