You’re Two Today

Today is your birthday, you’re now two. Where has the time gone?

At 3 months

I thought this year you would slow down, you grew so much during your first year, going from a new born to happy little boy with a gorgeous smile that lights up a room. But now you’re a full grown toddler, you learnt to walk and to climb. You’ve got your likes and dislikes and you give the best cuddles.

At 20 months
6 months old
23 months old

Not that it’s been easy, there have been times this past year where you’ve made me want to pull my hair out. The terrible twos have come early in our house and your occasional tantrums have been epic. But for all those moments, there have been others. Where we’ve rolled about on the floor or you’ve spent a good half an hour just giggling away at whose knows what but its just made my heart swell with love for you.

At 2 years old

So I guess what I’m trying to say is happy birthday my beautiful boy.

Jo xx

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