Surviving The Summer: The Ice Cream Farmers

Every parent has that one place where they take their kids when their at the end of their ropes. When your kids are climbing the walls and that you’ve watched The Lorax for the 500th time. When you’ve got to get out of house before you scream and you need to take them somewhere that you you’ll kids will love and you can tolerate. Well for me The Ice Cream Farm is my place.

Frey at the water and sand play
The soft play has a sensory bit and Frey is obsessed

A little outside of Chester, not only does it have an ice cream parlour with over 40 flavours, there’s also a soft play, water and sand play , mini golf, quad bikes, diggers and an animal farm. It’s got something for any kid whether they be an actual child or one at heart. At the moment Frey’s favourites are the soft play and the water and sand play, he’s a bit too young for the other areas yet. It’s nice to go somewhere and know he’s going to run about and play and love every moment of it. It’s also nice that I know nine times out of ten that afterwards I’ll put him in the car at the end and he’ll happily fall asleep.

Ice cream 🥰
They do milkshakes too

Now admittance and outdoor play area are free but the other activities are not, prices do range but most are £4.50 per play. However they do Play Passes that lower the cost. Starting at 5 plays for £20 (works out at £4 instead of £4.50) going all the way up to the VIP pass that’s 100 plays for £100 (works out at £1 per play instead of £4.50). That being said they also do regular offers with the play passes, for example our current play pass is 25 plays and we got it for £25. So it’s always a good idea to go and ask what offers they’ve got going on.

I’m just glad that we’ve got this nearby, every time we go Frey loves it and I can’t wait until Sigi is bigger so she can enjoy it too.

Jo x

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