Family of 3 to a Family of 4

We’re now 2 weeks in to being a family of 4. Sigi is thriving and I’m slowly healing from my c-section, so we’re full swing into our adjustment period.

I won’t lie it’s not been easy, both me and the hubby have felt a lot of parental guilt with Frey. He’s gone from having 100% of our attention to having to share us. Thankfully though the grandparents have been on hand to shower Frey with affection and attention. While we’ve hidden in our bedroom desperately trying to catch up on sleep or trying to stop Sigi from having a meltdown.

Cuddles on the sofa

The part I’m struggling the most with is the lack of sleep. Frey has been sleeping through the night since he moved into his own room, so for the last 10 weeks I’ve been able to get a good 8 hours sleep. Whereas now I’m getting 3 to 4 hours at a time, if I’m lucky. And with me looking after the kids during the day I’ve not been comfortable napping, although I might have to start as it’s not getting any easier.

Isn’t she beautiful

Also I’m now solo parenting during the week while the hubby is at work. I’m finding hard to find a balance between the two kids. I feel especially bad for Frey at the moment, Sigi is at the stage where she hates being put down and is crying every time I do. Which means I’ve been holding her a lot and unable to really play properly with Frey. That coupled with the fact that the telly has been on more than usual makes me feel like a terrible parent. But I keep reminding myself it’s all temporary and eventually we’ll find our rhythm.

Also the hubby makes sure to give Frey some quality one on one time with him, everyday after he gets home from work, which Frey just loves. I think he’s finding it hard during the day as he doesn’t understand why I can’t play with him while I’m holding his sister.

He really isn’t sure about his little sister

Despite all the above, I’m loving being a mum of two. Yes, it’s hard work, especially with two under two but they’re definitely worth it and I wouldn’t change anything. (Except maybe having a few more hours sleep)

Jo xx

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