Sigi’s Birth Story: An Elective C-Section

I really wanted to write this blogpost while everything was still fresh on my memory. So I’m writing this with a 10 day old in my arms, she doesn’t want to be put down and is rather content at the moment, and Frey already gone to bed. So I finally have enough free time to write it all out. Also you might want to get yourself a snack and a cup of tea, this is long one.

Just arrived at the hospital

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, we had a 36 week appointment about the c-section, it was during this appointment that I was told I would get a call at 38 weeks to give me the exact day/time for the c-section. Now before this could happen I ended up in hospital overnight. Due to me having to brake suddenly in the car, which caused me to start getting sharp shooting pains across my c-section scar. I went in to get it checked out and they decided to keep me in for observation. During this time the midwife looking after me, very kindly found out what day (Thursday the 20th) my c-section would be and let me know that I would need to go to a pre-op appointment the day before but she wasn’t sure on what time.

Thankfully I was discharged from hospital the following day and the day after that I received a call confirming the c-section for The Thursday and my pre-op appointment for the afternoon of the 19th.

The pre-op appointment was really straight forward. The midwife took my bloods, checked my blood pressure and babies heart rate. Afterwards we sat down and she talked me through what was going to happen. Which was nice, it made me feel far more prepared and in control.

I was also informed that I couldn’t eat anything from midnight onwards. I was allowed water and that was it, which for a heavily pregnant women is quite a feat.

Hubby took a nap

My mother-in-law dropped us off at the hospital on Thursday morning, we had to be there at 7:30am (the husband was not impressed). As well as myself there was one other woman booked in for an elective, and I didn’t know who was going first (I ended up going second).

While we settled in, the midwife who was looking after us, brought me a hospital gown and scrubs for the hubby. She also started I my paperwork and did all my observations. I also met both the surgeon and the anaesthetist who were going to be performing the caesarean. After this it was just a waiting game. The hubby took a nap and I scrolled through Facebook and Instagram, too wired to sleep.

Finally the time came and the midwife came to fetch us. I walked down to the theatre and was met with the surgical team. Everything was really relaxed and everyone chatted away and there was music playing in the background. Now this is where we had a small issue with the spinal injection, turns out my lower vertebrae are really close together so it took three attempts to get the spinal in properly.

Thankfully once the spinal was in, it was all straightforward and quite relaxed. It actually took longer to snitch me back up than it did to get Sigi out.

Just after she was born

After she was born, the surgeon showed her to us and then she was very quickly cleaned up and wrapped up in heated towel to keep her body temperature regulated. She was then placed on my chest and we took some photos. Which was really nice as last time we forgot to bring our phones in with us when Frey’s was born, so we don’t have any just after birth photos with him.

Once I was all snitched up, I was moved into recovery and monitored for half an hour or so. From there I was moved back onto the ward, where I was able to breastfeed for the first time and have some food.

So tiny

All in all, compared to Frey’s birth this was such a positive relaxed experience. I was discharged from the hospital the following day and having been slowly adjusting from a family of three to a family of four.

Jo xx

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